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Paying it forward, Day 4

January 22, 2010

Today’s journey included seeing my tax accountant, making uncomfortable phone calls, heading back to the gym, and finally catching up with Mari Moriya, one of my favorite and most talented friends and colleagues. Mari and I had some great conversations, productive and philosophical, ultimately admitting that the world is generally unfair and that money really can fix many problems. You know you’ve found a platonic soulmate when you both separately have pondered such oddly idealistic things as debuting at an opera house in space. If you have pondered this too, please introduce yourself.

Earlier on the subway, a baby was giving a very funny look as if to tell a screaming, much older child to shutup already, and my unavoidable laughter sparked a long and meaningful conversation with her sweet mother named Sequina. Truthfully, entertaining moments somehow always find a way into even the most boring days out in this city. As for the mundane events of this day (phone calls, taxes, etc.) though they don’t necessarily make the most entertaining blog topics, they do embody my already game-changing goal to do something challenging daily.

Many of my outstanding friends and colleagues inspire me by the way they’ve changed their own lives in challenging ways.  One such friend, David Michael, turned his life upside-down several times.  He has gone from working in business and raising a family to becoming an opera singer, marketing consultant, and last but certainly not least, photographer.  David and his talented high school-aged son Carter even managed to score a great review in Opera News, together.  Starting a business in this economy frightens the best of us, but David has relentlessly pursued his passions in life while managing, with his wife, to sustain a family.  For that, I applaud and admire him.

Personally, I benefit from David’s passion for photography daily.  You might have noticed my new banner or the fantastic small photo on the right side of my page.  If you’re a friend of mine on facebook, you’ve seen countless photos of me taken by this amazing photographer.  In adding to his stunning portfolio, David has graciously photographed me on several occasions, and I couldn’t be more blessed.  David’s gorgeous photography on my website, in my publicity in general, and now on my blog have all helped to support my career and even my self-image.  For that, David, I owe you a debt of gratitude.  Thank you.

Here’s to supporting others while we support ourselves, committed to furthering our friendships and pursuing our passions.

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  1. January 22, 2010 11:42 pm

    thanks for the kind words abby!

    cool blog!

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