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Rules and Regulations, Day 11

February 2, 2010

At this moment, I find my head swimming with thoughts and ideas from throughout my life and day, mixed in with remembrances from a great evening with good friends.  I could use some literary restrictions or rules right now to keep my brain and my blog a bit more centered on a topic.  Since very few come to mind at the moment, I’ll just explain my most recent leap.  In fact, I have decided to take the uncomfortable step forward of restricting myself.  No, I’m not skydiving today – quite the opposite.

Several weeks ago, I took a trip to Paris for an audition and a wonderful, enlightening week of meeting genuinely fantastic people.  In traveling to a foreign country, attempting the language, meeting strangers, and auditioning, I took some of my favorite recent risks.  When returning from France in the midst of a travel nightmare obnoxious enough to warrant its own wikipedia page, I had to instead restrict myself in order to keep calm and get home safely.

The Delta Line in Madrid

Hour 20 of 65

In total, with sixty-five hours of travel from Paris, overnight cancellations in Madrid, another overnight diversion to Kentucky/Cincinnati, and presents stored in twice-lost luggage finally found two days before Christmas, I was incredibly grateful for a very crucial restriction of my own.  Thanks to my ipod and some positive music I desperately threw into an on-the-go playlist together after Delta had lost my luggage a second time, I never yelled at anyone and made several friends throughout the ordeal.  My mother was rightfully shocked.

After years of detesting and protesting her preference for country music, my mother might also be shocked to know that I have a country music selection or two on my “All Positive Workout” playlist for the gym.  Updating it every few months or whenever it feels stale, I keep upbeat songs with positive messages (country songs often have them) on my ipod.  I’ve worked out to positive music now since I first discovered at the University of Maryland gym that it motivates me to exercise longer.  Because of the endorphins and especially dopamine secreted into the brain during a workout, I fully believe that particular restriction on my musical selections reinforces a more positive attitude for me toward life in general.

Fully convinced by the power of positive music in my life, I’ve decided to examine which other restrictions might help me toward reaching my newest goals of challenging myself daily and working hard to further my career as a singer and actor.  First and foremost, I will limit the time I spend daily watching television and on the computer playing games.  Perhaps this sounds obvious and asinine.  On the contrary, this summer, I contracted an odd virus that attacked my back at my spinal column and couldn’t sing or exercise (my daily activities) for weeks.  Thus began my addiction to evony, an online game where I also met some great people who I now actually consider friends, making it more difficult to limit my game time.  To continue my confession, I also have loved television most of my life.  It keeps me company and occasionally informs my life and my acting…  occasionally.  Today, I watched no television and spent less than an hour playing computer games which, for me, was a big step and a huge restriction.

Intending to continue to change for the better, tonight I will read before bed and sleep before 3:00.  By the end of the week, I will have a new schedule in place of sleeping by 1:00 and waking early enough that when I begin Equity auditions, I can sing and act well and at the top of my game.  In terms of eating, I’ve already begun to eat only when hungry and never past full.  Today, I walked past the free pizza served at Planet Fitness (first Mondays – dumbest idea ever) and finished my workout without a bite.  When out with friends tonight, I felt full less than halfway through my delicious dessert.  I let them eat what they wanted and left the rest unfinished.

Bedtime approaches, and I must read.  Incidentally, I have no intention of punishing myself, and special events and circumstances will occasionally trump bedtimes.  Overall though, rather than really restricting, I think these rules and regulations will free me from self-destructive habits that truly get in the way of my dreams and motivation.  Here’s to productive hours to come.

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  1. February 2, 2010 5:47 am

    I’m bad with the distraction too! I would actually try things such as telling myself that I if I worked on something for an hour, then I got 10 minutes to goof off on the internet or watch a program, etc. Exercise is the one and only thing where my discpline level is stellar. The ONLY thing. Need to work on the rest.

    • February 2, 2010 11:23 am

      Hmm – I hear you, though sometimes rewards do help. Did the 10 minute goof off time work for you?


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