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Popping the Equity Audition Cherry, Day 14

February 4, 2010

Having a private party with the Raconteurs on my ipod on the subway, I celebrate the completion of my virgin Equity Principal Audition for a NYC theater company. Nervously procrastinating all morning to even get to the audition, I admittedly didn’t embrace this first challenge head on, but I did get to the venue early enough to have an only an hour to head to a coffee shop, have some tea, and focus while waiting my turn.

Both the auditors smiled as I entered the tiny studio, as they physically sat far closer to me than I have ever experienced in an opera audition. Delivering my monologue, I allowed myself to notice their interest in my opera-heavy résumé long enough to distract myself from the text. I definitely forgot a phrase or two, though I tried my best to make seamless and honest transitions. Hopefully, unless they had a solid memory of my monologue from John Guare’s Landscape of the Body, the two friendly directors noticed only my commitment to the moment at hand. Of course, that’s assuming my concentration didn’t waver too much while worrying about my gestures, their proximity, my voice, or my dropped line or two.

Sounds a bit complicated and neurotic? I suppose somewhat. Why, then, do I celebrate? Because I know I act well enough to have covered well any of those unintentional flaws, because I didn’t let the sheer number of people auditioning concern me, and because I now know I have the courage to keep trying. At the very least, this audition will be the first of many, and they will improve as I continue to try and tryout. Tonight, I attend a free seminar at 36th Street Studio about promoting one’s brand as an actor, a recent focus of mine since my boyfriend lent me Gary Vanderchuck‘s book, Crush It. Afterwards, I have the chance to practice my new skills at a networking party for NYC bloggers called Obliterati. With all my new opportunities and appointments, the only question I have remains, wtf took me so long? This is great.

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  1. February 8, 2010 12:55 pm

    That is so funny. The very FIRST thing I noticed was the proximity of the folks at the table (i.e. the auditors – auditioners?). I had practiced focal points in my living room and, going in, I lost two thirds of the space and found it hard to adjust. What used to be focal point #1 was now out in the street behind them. I couldn’t back up any further or I would be standing in the hall with the monitor again. To their credit, there were 8 of them crowded around a table meant for 2, maybe 3 so they were probably as crowded as I was. I did get a compliment on my shoes (for which I will now wear for all callbacks I ever do for them) so maybe being close can be good!

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