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A Fulfilling Slice of Life, Day 16

February 8, 2010

“Have your life pie in some sort of balance,” Alexander Gemignani advised, piquing my interest for the first time in the already dull Actor’s Equity new members orientation meeting. I didn’t honestly care to sit and listen to how many shows he’d performed and having been a member of AGMA (their sister union for opera) for almost ten years, I could easily recite his stock advice about being a good colleague and not a diva, not getting bitter, and that sometimes, acting does feel like a job, but we’re extremely lucky to do it for a living. Balance, however, interests me very much as a topic to explore in my life and career. His further admonition to do something interesting that gives self-worth after a show ends provided me a proverbial gold star and a smile for starting this blog and new direction as my Met season came to a close. Now of course I would listen to anything he wanted to say.

Unfortunately, his portion of the meeting ended, beginning the ten to twenty minute turnstile of informative speeches about who to call for what contract negotiation, how to handle non-union offers, committee signups, and auditions. Sometimes skydiving for pearls involves leaving a boyfriend’s comfy and spacious beach-side apartment to fight rush-hour Times Square and Penn Station pedestrians to attend a boring meeting in order to gain those pearls of wisdom. At least now I know how to sign up for a chorus call one week prior to an audition, and I wouldn’t have learned that by staying in Long Beach and watching Dexter.

Returning to do just that though, I think I may have to spend a little extra time tonight refraining from Rock Band to plan tomorrow’s uncomfortable adventure. Admittedly, after a weekend of some blogless but continued adventure, including a fun but challenging Superbowl party full of introductions to a large portion of my boyfriend’s family, I want a day away from discomfort. Perhaps soon. For now, I enjoy this crazy search for a little balance in my pie of life, and each night, I find myself surprised at just how much this new slice of searching and living for the present fulfills me.

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