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Thank You, Day 20

February 13, 2010

Today, I woke up early (for me), went to the gym (which I had left less than 12 hours prior), worked out for over an hour, bought groceries at the nearby Fine Fare, hurried home, showered, took the subway to Chelsea, sang a rehearsal for tomorrow’s Orpheus Lex concert, ran several errands, grabbed a quick dinner, took the subway to Symphony Space, watched my friend Matthew Oberstein brilliantly conduct the New Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra, thankfully received a ride home from a talented colleague and musician, and crashed with a massive headache in front of the end of Vancouver’s opening Olympic ceremonies.

Normally, before I started writing this blog and changing my outlook and habits, I would have made several excuses and done things very differently.  I would not have gone to the gym, because I’d be too cautious about working out right before a rehearsal, especially if I was short on time.  I would have skipped grocery shopping and later, instead of running my errands, I would have happily sat down at Ollie’s and had a nice, relaxed, over-portioned, carb-heavy dinner.  I would not be hungry or tired, but I would not be as fit or toned.  I would still have attended Matthew’s concert tonight.  He’s wildly talented, fun to watch, and a very clear, precise, and yet expressive conductor.  That combination of talents is rare and definitely worth the trip, though I wouldn’t have had to walk up the small hill to my apartment in such exhaustion from the gym and the long day at the end of it.

This blog is definitely a trip for me, and the new corresponding journey has only begun.  I drag myself to bed on Fridays now; whereas, I used to have a ridiculous amount of energy at the end of every week and every night.  I regret nothing, though least of all my decision to take weekends off, and I honestly think my life will change a great deal because of my writing and my evolving new ventures.  So, thank you.  I could have spent the rest of my life making excuses and talking myself into a relatively unsuccessful and less rewarding overall existence.  Alternatively, I have the incredible opportunity to write to people who further inspire me to reach my goals every day.

Shockingly, some people have actually told me that I’ve inspired them to do something that scares them or takes them out of their comfort zone.  That amazes me.  I have a long way to go in terms of consistency and in making my challenges more personally beneficial and more varied.  Somehow, I need to go from paying long overdue hospital bills (which I did yesterday) to actually skydiving this summer, but without a community of support, I’d be back to making excuses.  Gary Vaynerchuk asks in his book, Crush It, “How do you know when you’ve built a community?”  He continues by answering, “When one person is listening…  The day you see that one person is reading or watching or listening to you is a day to celebrate.”  Thank you for giving me a reason to push myself every day – and to celebrate.

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  1. February 13, 2010 8:16 am

    It has been a pleasure reading you. By the way, working out helps warm up the vocals. I work out all of the time before rehearsals. Thank you for your writing. It has inspired me to write better.

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