Life Model Research, Day 21

I have spent my entire day outside of my comfort level – sick.  That was not part of my plan.  Instead of spending the day relaxing with my boyfriend on his day off, I spent the day recovering at his apartment while he went to the store, bought me Zicam, and took care of me.  So I almost did nothing challenging of my own volition and didn’t blog.  Almost.

Challenging task of the day?  I admit to all of you that I want to life model.  If you don’t already know, a life model poses for art classes, often nude.  An old friend of mine and amazing person who taught me a lot in life, used to pose for the Rutgers University art department when he wasn’t singing opera, and I’ve been curious to try it ever since.

A couple of weeks ago, I began the task of attempting to gleam some concept of how to begin the process of modeling for NYC art classes.  Tonight, I continued the by researching more art departments, emailing a contact at the Art Students League of New York about the possibility, and discovering a great new blog about a life model named Claudia who writes about life, modeling, and art.  You can find her at  FYI, the site does contain (appropriate) nude paintings, drawings, and a few photographs.  I’ll be reading her blog in the days to come, and I’ve emailed her to see if she has any advice for an actor/singer who has solid training and experience in holding poses but no experience as a life model.

Although I doubt I’ll post any samples, I hope to report soon on this new artistic tack.  Unquestionably, posing for long periods of time would teach an actor with low blood pressure like me patience, persistence, and a new, unexplored level of artistry.  Now to continue my research, get some rest, and feel better.

3 thoughts on “Life Model Research, Day 21

  1. I’ve been looking in to Fit Modeling – where you pose for designers in their clothes. The pay seems pretty good. They have specific size categories with measurements that you have to be and since getting in to shape, I’m one of the sizes. Have you heard of that? I’m wondering if your friend might know how to get started.

    1. I have heard of fit modeling, which I understand is a little more industry-centered than artistic and not nude at all, though I could be wrong about the possibilities of that. I’m sure the pay is much better, being a bit more marketable, and I think it would be a really cool endeavor for you as someone who’s always been rather fit. Here’s an older wordpress blog I found that you might find interesting: Good luck!!

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