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First Date Set – June 7, Day 26

February 23, 2010

I’m beginning to discover that a fulfilling and healthy life sometimes includes balancing extremes of spontaneity and intensity with regular schedules and calculated goals.  Please, if you do this well, leave me some helpful comments because I have yet to come close to mastering such a feat.

This Saturday, I skied for the first time in four years after just recovering from a cold.  Only sleeping four hours before hailing a gypsy cab to catch my bus at 6:45am from Blades New York, I rode with my amazing friends and the awesome crew at Blades to Hunter Mountain in the Catskills.  Although my cold resurfaced throughout the day, making me stuffy and nauseous on the ski lifts and the bus, I could not have been with better company, and it felt so great to get my ski legs back.

Having skied on and off since the third grade, I have some skill but can’t exactly race down the double black diamonds.  Without a doubt, my favorite memory from Saturday involves skiing up to the sign that warned ominously not to ski the slope unless one was an expert skier with perfectly functioning equipment, able to adjust to the unexpected fallen skier and dangerous terrain.  I love those decisive moments, almost as much as deciding how on earth to get up on skis when I’ve fallen halfway down a steep slope with each leg in an opposite direction.  I did tackle the double black diamond that day, slowly but surely, and remembered anew the amazing difference between confidence and fear in life, in auditions, and definitely in skiing.

I experienced this weekend as great of a challenge navigating my lack of sleep and my recurring cold as the strangely alternating ice and loose powder on the slopes.  Although I refrained from drinking on the party bus with my friends, I still struggled to wake up to sing for my church job at Park Avenue United Methodist on Sunday.  Afterwards, I sang well, stayed indoors, and slept nine hours, but my cold came back today with a vengeance nonetheless.

Compliments of Mucinex and Sudafed, I managed to accomplish some regular goals today including getting back to the gym, making important phone calls about tax preparation and life modeling, and setting the first of many due dates to come.  I love writing this blog, but I can do something that challenges me each day and still never do anything really productive to advance my career.  Without goals, I could drift along for a long time and still feel busy while accomplishing little; therefore, I decided to treat my career as if I managed myself (which I technically do) and start setting due dates.

Without getting too far into complaining about how I don’t set realistic deadlines and hate “being my own boss,” I’ll just say because this doesn’t come easily to me, I’ve decided to treat specific goals like homework assignments.  In high school, I never did my homework if I knew the teacher wouldn’t check it.  Math teachers should never assign the odd numbers only when the answer key can be found in the back of the book.  Anyway, I will post my due dates (“deadlines” sound too menacing) here as I create them, as well as in my google calendar, which I’ve setup to remind me several times before the dates arrive.

After much deliberation about weight loss and my career, I set my first due date to lose fifteen pounds by June 7.  Starting today, I plan to lose an average of 1 pound per week to reach my goal.  I began by eating fewer calories, keeping a journal of my daily intake and habits, adding fifteen minutes to my exercise routine at the gym, and restarting my page and goals on Spark People.  I started an account on this motivational weight loss community this summer but as I mentioned previously, a strange virus interrupted my goals and motivations for just about everything.

It felt good to gain some control today over my life again in spite of my cold.  I love living life, sometimes at odd hours, with my friends, trying strange and new or long-forgotten experiences.  On the other hand, I need consistent and scheduled rest, discipline, and goals to keep my career and this exciting life on track.  With ice and powder on the same slope, I sometimes don’t know which equipment to use or if I can handle the terrain.  The first due date set, I will try my best and hope my confidence helps me keep going if I fall.


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