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It Can Be Done, Day 32

March 3, 2010

Finally, I’ve done it!  Every week I wake up a little earlier and a pound lighter after going to bed a little earlier than the week prior.  I have a schedule that feels good, going to the gym every weekday, reading, researching, and practicing every afternoon, and generally doing something different and blog-themed in the evening before settling in to write the evening’s post.  I’ve already read one play this week and have started my second, and am well on my way to having learned the longest movement in the Verdi Requiem, which I’ll perform in Washington state in May.  The best part?  I kind of like this new life.

For once, I admit to enjoying having a full day that begins early enough to bask in the morning sun before beginning a fulfilling schedule with some kind of pattern and plenty of new and interesting events at the same time.  After today’s day of discipline, I continued to work by heading to a first rehearsal at the Cathedral of Holy Virgin Protection, an orthodox church where I’ll sing on March 20 in a choral octet to benefit Haiti.  Robert Sirico composed some truly beautiful music for the occasion, and I look forward to meeting with and working with him next week.  Walking into the room tonight, I happily recognized a good friend and colleague with whom I’ve sung on and off for five years now.  Surprisingly though, I’ve never previously worked with any of the other musicians.  It amazes me that in New York City, one can throw a group of 8 random singers, a conductor, and a pianist in a room and make some beautiful and well-blended sounds in the first rehearsal.  I definitely live in the right place.

After heading home to my apartment, I spent so much time planning new adventures that I actually run the risk of ruining my happy new bedtime.  Because of those adventures, my blogging schedule may also change a bit this week.  Although I usually take the weekends off, I’ve planned a weekend of babysitting my niece and nephew in Harrisburg, which should make for a very interesting challenge to say the least.  Also, I now have a little ski trip to Vermont on Monday and Tuesday to visit my good friend Alan who lives only a very short drive from Stratton and Bromley, so I’ll might take those days off from my writing schedule.  Arriving home  next Wednesday, I have a sailing seminar for which to look forward, and tomorrow, Ariana arrives back in town.  I can’t wait to hear all about her adventures singing for the Olympics!

Thanks again for reading.  I couldn’t be happier to have this excuse to live a disciplined and yet complete, full, and exciting life.  Who knew I could do both?!

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