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A Long-Avoided Decision, Day 60

April 10, 2010

With another early rehearsal and a concert later in the day, separated by a nap, paperwork, and dinner with a friend, I imagined I couldn’t possibly squeeze in a challenge for tonight’s post. I did find myself thinking those unhealthy thoughts from yesterday but halted them quickly and also felt much happier, thanks to my new resolve. I also experimented with wearing high heels and although I won’t likely turn that task into a daily routine, I can see why women suffer for the extra confidence that comes with added height and a greater frequency of interested glances from others.  Another day spent contemplating how beauty affects success.  Thankfully, before and after the show, I spent time with some great people who reminded me of the riches my already full life offers, regardless of money, success, beauty, power, or fame.

Between the choral sections in tonight’s performance of Schumann’s Scenes from Goethe’s Faust, my mind rested on several recent compliments from people regarding my writing, juxtaposed with contemplations on the impressive biographies of the soloists performing with us. Lately, I have suspected a need to change something about my blog to refocus not just my writing but especially my habits toward furthering my performing career. Although I intend to actually skydive, meet more fitness goals, and maybe even dive the Great Barrier Reef, I first need to tackle my somehow scariest goal of fully chasing my career with focus, discipline, and resolve despite any fears I have acquired.

So tonight I bring to you a new, more uncomfortable decision. For the next 25 posts, I will merge my blog with challenges to help further my career in some way. So far, I have tested and proven for myself that it takes 21 days to form a habit. In the past, I have formed good patterns with diet and exercise in this time frame, so I see no reason why not to apply that theory here.  Beginning Monday, I will start with the first of these 25 posts, creating my first solid routine to build upon my career. Although I will require stubbornness and determination, despite my high heels, I have no interest in breaking any legs – just bad habits.

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