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Slow and Steady, Day 62 (2 of 25)

April 14, 2010

Day 2 of 25, A Career-Centered Chapter

With far fuller days and noticeably less sleep, I cannot imagine in the slightest how I would accomplish anything had I not finally given up my video game addiction to Evony.  As much as I do theoretically prefer a more outwardly social existence, I surprisingly miss the quiet focus of playing the game while chatting with my online friends.  Instead, I spent the day in a relatively quiet suburb, catching up with one old friend over breakfast, my mother over lunch, and another good friend as she trimmed my hair, which desperately needed attention.  Dropping a little cash toward performance attire for my upcoming gigs and then finally napping on the bus ride home after dinner, I felt tired and overwhelmed by a calendar that, between social events and gigs and rehearsals, somehow hasn’t let up in longer than I’d like.

Although a little retraining of myself to say no on occasion might keep me better-slept and sane, I decided nonetheless to continue forming my new habit and focused on my career upon arrival home in New York.  Assuming this overwhelming feeling mostly comes from growing pains, I thought it best in this slow and uncertain economy to set aside my discomfort and fight for more work rather than less.  Now what?  Well, on only the second day of this little habit-forming project, I simply sought to expand on my current primary income – choral and concert soloist jobs.

Predictably, I had several easy places to begin because of my prior procrastination.  I used to joke about blending my traits as a perfectionist and procrastinator, thinking “procrastinist” sounded like an art and “perfectionator” like a super hero.  Nobody gets extra points for the stress accumulated by having incredibly high expectations for her own work while waiting until the last minute to complete it.  Thanks to the blog, I did not wait until the last moment, though I may have approached a deadline or two a bit closely.  Regardless, this week I setup an audition, accepted a gig for the fall, and sent out a solid handful of resumes and audition requests based on the recommendations of friends or colleagues.  I also have begun to habitually check my daily emails from two classical singer audition listing sources, YAP Tracker and Classical Singer Magazine.

Although I have manifold resources to explore and repertoire to learn and prepare, I have no interest in allowing myself the luxury of overwhelming myself so quickly, such that I have an excuse to quit promoting my career.  Yes, constantly improving and attempting to promote my myself as a performer leaves me far more open to rejection, so it makes perfect sense that I fight a temptation toward procrastination or avoidance.  Indeed in my line of work, I have to tread the very fine line between showing disinterest and exuding desperation, very much like one does in seeking a mate.  Logically speaking, since I’ve therefore had plenty of practice, I do believe that slow and steady may very well win this race.  At least now I have once again entered the competition.

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