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A New Day, Day 63 (3 of 25)

April 15, 2010

Day 3 of 25, A Career-Centered Chapter

I knew when beginning this blog that eventually, I’d have a day that made for a less interesting or less specifically universal post.  Today, I went with the garden variety less specifically universal day.  In terms of my career, I did follow up on a couple of emails and most importantly, dragged myself back to the gym after a two week hiatus.  Although I intended to write less about fitness and more about my pursuing my professional goals, I had begun to feel affected by my recent neglect of cardio routines especially.  When I don’t feel healthy, I find it harder to sing, so today I slept in, allowed my body the rest it sorely needed, and then gave it the workout for which it had been pleading for at least a week.  I practiced a bit, ate well, and set to the task of once again caring well for my instrument.

Later in the evening, I attended a couple of events fully unrelated to singing.  First, I went to Honey, where I found several of my friends, especially Charl, Sarah, and Lindsay, tending bar for their AIDS walk 2010.  Last year, I had the extreme pleasure of walking on their team, appropriately designated “Team Lotsafun.”  Sadly, my Verdi Requiem conflicts with this year’s walk so while I have to refrain from participating in person, I happily attended their fundraising happy hour and contributed the few dollars I could to reaching their goals.  Honey‘s commitment to helping out groups like this only increases my already great love of this city.  My friends amaze me, and it gives me so much joy to see them working hard for such a worthy cause.  Inspired?  You can donate to their AIDS Team 2010 here.  Thank you my loves, for including me in your lives and your causes.

Afterwards, I attended a singles cocktail party at XR Bar with an invitation from a friend I’d met online two years prior and hadn’t yet seen in person.  So far, that was worth the wait.  Additionally, two of my other friends joined me, so I had no worries about feeling awkward or not knowing anyone there.  I met some fantastic people throughout the course of the evening and although I still have a little healing and growing to accomplish, I feel pretty great knowing that I haven’t broken my spirit.  So thanks to new friends and old, for helping me to see how well I have grown to know myself and how very much I have to give.  Truly thrilled to finally rest and enjoy a new day.

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