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Striking Balance, Day 72 (11 of 25)

April 29, 2010

Surprisingly, I’ve found writing in these recent months to provide my safest haven and most helpful outlet for spurring on the challenging journey of my life and career.  In the evening hours, my blog even takes precedence over everything and most notably, social interests and sleep.  Not yet discovering in which direction to ultimately lead this part of my writing, I have thought rather seriously about the dangers of certain types of posts and especially reviews in regards to my performing career.

When a director recently relayed to a friend that he thought I had “badmouthed” one of my employers, I scanned through months of Facebook posts, Tweets, and WordPress posts here, just to ensure that I hadn’t said anything that could be thus misconstrued.  In my mind and the stated opinions of my friends, of course I hadn’t.  Constantly reiterating how much I love to work with the colleagues and companies with whom I perform, even a less favorable review about a specific show or another couldn’t possibly relay anything but gratefulness for them.  Regardless, I discovered an undeniable conflict of interest between my life as a performer and my interest in occasionally reviewing productions as a journalist.

In the interest of clarity regarding my priorities and the gratefulness I have for my career and colleagues, I’ve decided to reserve my reviews for only the truly wonderful and worthwhile performances.  Of course, not everything I see sparks a review and for those days of unfavorable experiences with a show or concert, I will have to blog about something else.  Hopefully though, you as my readers will appreciate my both my own personal determination and ethical consideration, as well as my decision to recommend only wonderful experiences to you, such as the Metropolitan Opera’s current production of Armida, the Westside Rifle and Pistol Range, and Nicholas Zinani, a great personal trainer at the Crowne Plaza NY Sports Club.

Thankfully, despite some difficulty in reworking my sleep schedule, I’ve managed to get back to the gym at Planet Fitness and spend an equal amount of time practicing voice for the last two days.  Hopefully I’ll figure out how to keep that in my daily routine regardless of any other work or obligations soon.  In the meantime, I look forward to a little time alone next week before heading out to Washington, having recently felt some pressure from all of the hectic life of the city.  On the other hand, all of the chaos also helped to push me into making a very keen decision on the future of my writing.  Hopefully this tiny bit of current discomfort will continue to lead to my future successes and happiness; thus, I keep living and posting.

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