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A Little Vegetation, Day 75 (15 of 25)

May 5, 2010

As a performer, I consider myself so lucky when I have weeks or months with no real breaks in employment.  On the other hand, I rarely have a full day off to take care of the things I need to in life, not related to my profession.  So yesterday, I did something for my sanity and therefore my career.  In the early afternoon, I sang a Bach audition I enjoyed very much, though since the organization has no currently open positions, I just placed my toe in the door and made a new acquaintance.  Still, I enjoy a little Bach in my day.  Then, I went home, did laundry, and spent some time just relaxing with a little Stargate SG-1 and finally watching LOST with a really fun person.  At the end of it all, I forgot to blog.  I guess everyone needs a day sometimes.

Apparently I needed such a day that I never bothered to even post this – it sat in my drafts folder for almost 20 full days.  Doh!

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