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Recital Lessons Learned, Day 80

May 13, 2010

Although I essentially have to prod myself awake to post tonight, I encountered one of the many reasons I came to the Tri-Cities region in Washington State after singing part of a recital for the subscribers and patrons of the Mid-Columbia Symphony.  With such gratefulness in his eyes, one of those subscribers came up to me after the concert to thank me for singing the Flower Duet from Lakmé with our soprano, Molly Holleran.  For many years, he has listened to that duet as literally his favorite piece of music in the world.  The tears he said rolled down his face when he heard it performed live tonight for the first time in his life made the entire trip worthwhile, in my opinion.

After several arias about love and a cheeky Jake Heggie song for my encore, I had the joy of receiving so many happy and gracious patrons who glowed about my voice and then mostly thanked me for my acting and expression.  Often receiving more compliments for my acting abilities, I sometimes view myself as a singing actor rather than an acting singer, but tonight I really felt so well connected to both in a way I hadn’t previously.  On the other hand, I also found myself rather annoyed at the way I, in speaking, tripped over my words occasionally, paused, and uttered a few too many “ums” while introducing my pieces and my encore.

This particular experience has taught me that while I feel ready as an actor and singer to perhaps even write and perform a cabaret show like my friends Megan and Aja (you can catch her next one on May 20th at the Triad Theater), I have quite a ways to go in terms of seamless public speaking.  I’ll have to find a good public speaking for performers class somewhere.  Thankfully, I’ve also learned that I miss recitals and have come quite a long way since the last ones I performed at the Maryland Opera Studio and the Aspen Music Festival…  perhaps a New York recital will emerge from this discovery.  I also continue to meet the most lovely, gracious, and engaging people out here and shake my head at the small number of people I know who have heard of this enchanting place.  Looking forward to tomorrow, a small performance at a local rotary club, our first orchestra rehearsal for the Verdi Requiem, and another day of working hard and doing what I love for and with some amazing people.

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