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A Little R&R Goes A Long Way, Day 82

May 15, 2010

In his book, A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle talks a lot about the ego and how it tries to assert itself regularly in most of us daily.  Surprising to some, he also asserts that the ego doesn’t mind unhappiness so much, provided that it can continue to make itself bigger.  In growing up and sometimes as adults, we have all witnessed this effect when moaning over who has more homework, who feels sicker, or who has suffered the most from some ailment, injury, or tragic event.  After a long day yesterday and with an exciting but important concert coming up this Saturday,  I admit my ego began to rear its ugly head a bit last night to the point that I felt seriously upset over an early morning massage appointment about which I had forgotten.

Laughably, I literally lost a little sleep initially over the idea of not having enough hours to rest before the unusually generous massage appointment made for me as part of my fee from the symphony.  On the other hand, yesterday exhausted me generally and especially vocally, so I really did need to find a way to get enough sleep, chill out, and make my way back to my happy and centered self.  Thankfully, the orchestra manager, my friend Justin Raffa, understood completely and rescheduled my appointment for the afternoon.  I know it sounds ridiculous (even to me), but that extra ninety minute REM cycle made all the difference in the world.  Fortunately, so did the massage.

After a brief but great workout at the Columbia Basin Racquet Club, compliments of Fred La Mothe (one of the club’s owners, who I’d met at yesterday’s Columbia Center Rotary presentation), I enjoyed the best massage I’d had in a very long time.  If you ever make it to the Tri-Cities Region to vacation, enjoy some wine tasting, or work at one of the many research facilities, take some extra time to visit Connie DeHaan of Sage Massage (part of Maidstone Massage).  Located at a small office park in Richland, Washington, Connie as an RN and Massage Practitioner works very closely with her clients and communicates so clearly while stretching and massaging one’s muscles.  Although I certainly feel more relaxed and ready to perform as a result, I found most surprising her ability to listen and instruct in a way that allowed me to trust her completely without reservation.  That kind of relaxation makes the experience worthwhile even more than the rest.

An insistence upon extra sleep, an easy workout, a great massage, and finally a wonderfully grilled salmon at the Meadow Springs Country Club with the sweet and symphony board President Sandra Stanley, truly set me up for an excellent dress rehearsal to follow.  Finally feeling ready to embrace and enjoy tomorrow’s concert with some beautiful people and wonderful musicians, I smile just thinking about the silliness of stressing at the start of my day.  Sometimes the most uncomfortable action involves letting go to experience the day as one’s true self, without fear, reservation, or hesitation.  Hopefully tomorrow the trend will continue as I prepare to sing one of the greatest works I know.

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