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Sublets, Sleep, and Syonara to Lost, Day 86

May 22, 2010

I stay in often on Friday nights.  It still makes me uncomfortable.

Growing up, we went rollerskating and dancing, enjoyed our friends’ parties, went to movie theaters and malls, and did just about anything but stay home on a Friday night.  Living as a performer sometimes involves taking no days off or having time off during the week or working for the weekend, so I have grown somewhat accustomed to the Monday night out and the Friday night in.  Last night, however, I had a different motivation.

Firstly, I needed to finally do something with my apartment.  No, it’s still pretty clean, I fixed that the other day.  Since I have a month-long job in upstate New York for a month in July, I have known that I wanted to sublet my apartment for a while.  Truthfully, I’ve never felt comfortable with the idea.  Clearly I’ll have to find someone to keep my sensitive files and jewelry elsewhere, I have to keenly avoid scams if I decide to place the ad on a site like Craigslist, and I have to trust some stranger essentially to not destroy my place or my furniture.  Despite my strong concerns, I posted my first listing last night on Marketplace, a somewhat safer option.  In a week or less, I’ll give in and submit the posting to Craigslist as well, but at least I have somewhere to start.

In the meantime, I also knew I have a short term goal that will require me to sleep as much as possible today to try to make up for tomorrow.  Thirteen hours feels a little excessive, but my body had no complaints about my extra sleep last night into this morning.  For tonight into tomorrow, I have volunteered four hours of my time to help out at Lost-a-Thon at Professor Thom’s, beginning at 11:30pm.  Obsessed with LOST?  Absolutely!  Believe it or not, this particular bout of altruism actually stems more from wanting to help out as they raise money for Doctors without Borders, the Nature Conservancy, and the Christopher Reeve Foundation.  Of course, despite whatever Lost festivities occur this weekend for the final episode of the series, my early morning Sunday church job has to take precedence, so after my friend’s birthday party today, I’ll head back to my apartment for another catnap to prepare.

The hardest thing about this weekend?  Giving up LOST!

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