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Grateful to Get Lost, Day 87

May 25, 2010

Tired of hearing about Lost (no worries, spoiler-free post)?  Easily, I could write about something else tonight like the trip I planned today to see my photographer for new headshots, or the two very long hours I spent exhausting myself at the gym tonight, or the “costume” I finally found for this Wednesday’s party (you can read all about it on Thursday).  Assuming the world had enough posts about LOST today, I really did want to discuss another topic.  As John Locke said in the first season, “but I’ve looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw… was beautiful.”

I spent the weekend furthering my apparent minor jetlag from spending the week in Washington state, mostly in an effort to celebrate and support all things Lost.  At the series finale, I enjoyed the spoils of waiting in line for a fantastic seat at Professor Thom’s with some amazing friends both old and new.  I met some fantastic people, including a fantastically fun and talented woman named Adriana who chance threw in my direction several days in a row.  Remarkable people provided me with perfect company for a beautifully-crafted and fitting end to such a stunning and inspiring series as Lost.

Lost Finale Party at Professor Thom's

Fredy Perojo, AOL

Equally stirring and surprising, three strangers enhanced an already exhilarating weekend by allowing me to watch as they broke a world record and raised money for some very worthy causes.  I had the extreme pleasure of spending some time hanging out with them on Thursday after only twenty-three of their ninety-four, Guinness world record-breaking consecutive hours of television (The entire series of Lost, from start to finale).

Volunteering to help them with whatever they needed for a four hour shift on Saturday night, I watched as they used twenty of their very precious and few break minutes to hang tarps for warmth when the wind and light rain arrived.

Finally, on Sunday, I popped in to say hi just a fortunate fifteen minutes early and happily witnessed as they surpassed the world record.

These impressive and selfless gentlemen provided seemingly endless hours of entertainment by streaming their entire journey on Livestream, with so much support from all of their sponsors and especially Professor Thom’s (whom/Hume I now officially forgive for also regularly hosting Boston sports events).  At the time of this posting, Aaron has raised $1172 for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, Mike has earned $2661 for Doctors without Borders, and Alex has lost $2024 worth of sleep for the Nature Conservancy.  Brilliantly inspired and Lost-themed charities, by the way.

To the men of Lost-A-Thon, you deserve every ounce of attention and care you garnered through your endeavors, and I hope you each enjoyed your extremely well-earned sleep.  To my dear friends, I love you for entertaining me as we waited in line and crying with me during the finale.  To Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, all of the writers, staff, cast, and crew of Lost, thank you for enriching my life with your honestly transforming journey and moving work of art.

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