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Abby in Wonderland, Day 90

June 1, 2010

When introduced at events and parties, I commonly hear references to me as the opera singer, classical singer, actor, New York City friend (when out of town), or blogger.  Only recently have I begun to join the increasing few leaning toward a preference for jobless introductions. Why?  Perhaps because even my exciting career as a performer or my recent re-dedication to writing fail to capture the essence of my self or even my interests.  Acting, singing, writing, meeting interesting people, exploring the city, dreaming about diving the Great Barrier Reef while it still lives, and especially playing with my niece and nephew, new fitness routines, or puppets all fall under my favorite and hopefully most definable trait.  I love falling down the rabbit hole.

In high school, a lovely Ukrainian pianist named Katja Stanislavskaya joined the choral program and began to make plenty of music and friends.  As she matured into a working professional, she moved to New York City and inherited her own labels of pianist, musical director, composer, lyricist, and educator.  There she met an Israeli-born artist named Leat Klingman, who had begun to create original and exciting puppet films with her imagination, her hands, and her friends and fellow artists.

When in 2008 my high school friend Katja forwarded me a message from Leat, hoping to help her find actors to audition for her current puppet short film project, I began one of my first and longest trips to wonderland since my still somewhat recent move to Manhattan.  Over some Chinese takeout, many changes of fur and makeup, and several hours of filming detailed expressions, glances, all while lip syncing an aria, we exhausted ourselves working and playing on quite the creation and labor of love.  Like most worthwhile film projects, because of copyright and budgetary concerns, I truly can only say that I feel incredibly grateful to work on said mystery film and hope we can continue work on it soon.

In the meantime, I have learned to count Leat not only among my esteemed and talented colleagues but as one of my dearest friends here.  On Saturday, we began a new project, even more secret and equally exciting.  Heard and not seen this time, I have the new privilege of trying out my voice-over chops for the very first time, among other vocal talents.  Although I painfully restrain my desire to say more, this fortunate film has the extra bonus of a release date.  Indeed, interested parties may join an audience to view Leat’s newest creation at 3rd Ward in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in January 2011.  Of course, I will post specific details when in hand and as the event approaches.  In the meantime, I enjoy more meetings with Leat and friends, opportunities to again assist my friend in sculpting and sewing sets, recordings, and one of my favorite long and winding rabbit holes.

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  1. Mom permalink
    June 1, 2010 1:28 pm

    Nice hair! You’ll have to tell me the name of your hairdresser!

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