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Life in the Slow Lane, Day 91

June 2, 2010

When my friend Steve from Philadelphia made plans to visit me today, I expected a goofy, silly, and adventurous day in New York.  Having traveled together across eight states in my car, Steve and I have developed a rapport together that generally defies boredom.  Fortunately for me, that includes engaging concerts and events, a very long trip across Kansas, and now a very necessary day spent doing very little.

Sometime last week, I wrote about attempting to lose a decent amount of weight in a short period of time for a headshot session later this week.  I said, “Who has a healthy way to lose six pounds in eight days?  Hopefully, eight days from now I’ll have the ability to prove that I do.”  Well, I don’t.  Gratefully, I’ve restricted my diet well enough to further appreciate salads, fruits and vegetables, and food in general.  Unfortunately, my intensity and determination to exercise has provided me a hopefully minor setback.

Having purchased another Groupon, on this occasion for a one month fitness membership at the 92nd Street YMCA, I began my time on Saturday and returned on Sunday to push myself even harder.  New exercise machines really fascinate me, so of course I attempted to add twenty minutes on an unfamiliar stair climber in the middle of my cardio routine.  While on the machine, I saw someone else watching our Metropolitan Opera HD broadcast of Turandot on channel thirteen and of course had to tune in as well, admittedly distracting myself from the rather difficult new workout I attempted.  I may have even added an extra five minutes to watch one of my favorite parts.  Although I don’t exactly know the moment I injured my knee, I do know that lovely tingle began the second I tried to use a seated adductor machine and quit my workout immediately.

Of course, walking six long avenues and the width of Central Park in unsupported heels afterwards may have exacerbated the situation, and I woke up on Monday feeling rather tingly, not in a way I would have liked. Yes, I have done my research and have taken it easy.  In retrospect, I think RICE ought to stand for Regret I Clumsily Exercised.  Thankfully, I have understanding friends.  Yesterday, Katherine showed so much patience with me, walking slowly with me as she enticed me out of my apartment with miso soup at Sushi Yu.  Today, Steve so graciously joined me in watching a friend’s apartment who was having an emergency moving problem.  We walked slowly there, played a rousing game of Star Trek Monopoly (I kid you not), and enjoyed a brief dinner at my apartment before he returned to Philadelphia.  He even bought me a plant to brighten my day.

Still, I felt lazy, antsy, and wholly unwilling to let this knee stop me from keeping fit and reaching my goals.  So yes, I did some abs and arm exercises at home and then took the subway up to Planet Fitness to finish a full upper body workout on the weight machines.  Unlike my normal routine, I sadly skipped the cardio, took elevators all day, and walked up the subway stairs slowly and deliberately while holding the handrail.  Upon seeing Juan, a rather helpful (and shockingly free, thank you Planet Fitness) personal trainer on the gym floor, I immediately approached him about options going forward and for the rest of the week.  Taking his advice, I will continue to RICE, start slowly with a light and very short cardio workout on the stationary seated bike, stretch, and monitor my symptoms throughout the week.  Most importantly, I ended the evening with the only positive side of my new and temporary routine.  At least life in the slow lane involves a good soak.

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