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Brasil vs. the Internet, Day 95

June 8, 2010

All things Internet have descended upon Manhattan this week for a festival not likely soon forgotten by the social media and networking technology lovers who add so much to our growing influence on the online universe.  As someone who values the potential benefits of our more connected chip-enhanced existence, I have begun to attend technology-based events this year and now contribute daily to my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare and really looked forward to getting my geek on at some of this week’s events.  Although I appreciate Peter Pawlick and his reminders that humanity trumps the Internet, I fall somewhere in the Least Likely to Take a Break from Social Media category, usually.

This week of all weeks has taken a different turn.  From an spontaneous film festival invitation to a trip to participate in my friend’s memorial service later this week, I sadly will have to miss out on just about all of this much anticipated Internet Week.  Of course, I don’t regret my Monday night by any means.  Having met one of my newest treasured friends a few weeks ago at a Lost viewing party, I didn’t anticipate the great influence she would have on my life so quickly.  She and I had planned to meet up on Monday to chat, and she asked if I would be interested in attending a Brazilian film festival with her as well that evening.  Some of my friends have probably heard me exclaim on such a request, “Sure, that’s bloggable!”  What a nice side effect that saying yes to just about every unusual occasion makes my life even more full as well!

As I waited for my dear Brazilian friend, I watched as press took photos and the film buffs enjoyed a drink after work in the fun and laid back atmosphere of the Infiinito Lounge at Tribeca Cinemas.  Browsing through the program for the 8th Cine Fest Petrobras Brasil – NY, I caught a glimpse of the comedy we would later see after a great and in depth conversation about life.  Adri has a great zest for life and an emotional and empathic intelligence both rare and precious in a friend.  I truly look forward to continuing our very new journey together to stay in the moment and keep ourselves honest each day.

As we enjoyed each other’s company, we also caught up with another friend of hers with whom she regularly frequents the festival for the entire week (June 5-12).  Watching So Normal 2 (Os Normais 2 – A Noite Mais Maluca de Todas) , we all laughed at different places depending on the Portugese or English subtitle translation as the not quite normal couple made several attempts to have a threesome after their thirteen-year relationship lost its appeal in the bedroom.  Because it plays again at the festival on June 10 at 8pm, I won’t spoil the ending; however, I found the movie thoroughly charming despite an end I found a little beyond even the boundaries of comic believability.

With a gorgeous star from the movie, Daniele Suzuki (above left), appearing as a guest of last night’s viewing, I couldn’t believe the less than sold out audience in the small theater.  Furthermore, the fun and exciting crowd of lovely and spontaneous people my friend had promised did exist, but in very small numbers at the lounge afterwards.  Despite our patience in waiting for the last movie to let out, still very few lingered to party.  Adri and her film friend’s pondered the lack of attendees compared to previous years, assuming the day of the week or the changed festival dates from August to June to have caused the slim showing.

Personally?  I blame Internet Week – or Cine Fest, for not realizing the weight of throwing an event against a million social media networking events throughout the city.  Someone suggested perhaps Inffinito had not advertised their event well.  Without Internet Week, one could have easily inspired technology-savvy friends to come see interesting films and meet cute and fun Brazilians.  In fact, I could think of very few other events that might have kept them away.  Had they attended, they would have signed in on Foursquare and published to Twitter, and Cine Fest would have received more free press than ever because of the Internet boom in New York.  Although I hope the very worthwhile festival sees a greater influx of movie-goers and excitement, I can’t imagine how many more numbers they would have seen on any other week.  Lesson learned?  Don’t mess with Internet Week.

My recommendation?  Put down your visions of a new iPhone for 2 hours and enjoy a laugh.  You do, after all, have all week.  The 8th Cine Fest Petrobras Brasil-NY runs from June 5-12 at Tribeca Cinemas, culminating with a free showing of the best voted movie at the Central Park Summerstage at 9pm on June 12.  You can find their entire schedule here in English and in Portugese.

Os Normais 2 – A Noite Mais Maluca de Todas


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