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Party Crashers with Balls, Day 96

June 9, 2010

What prompted Michelle of Phenomenal Women’s Group Inc. to host the Bloggers Social event tonight? Less than ideal weather conditions, full priced drinks in competition with the promise of free refreshments at other parties, and a closed door Playboy dating show filming that lasted well past the event’s published start time caused some to skip the opportunity and many more to leave before it could even begin. I have to say the potential attendees missed out on a visually stunning venue run by Michael James at The Gates, fun and friendly bartenders, and a chance to meet some truly inspired New York writers.  Although I doubt she dared imagine such a sparse showing, she maintained her smile and seemed genuinely pleased to meet and introduce the handful of us who now had a rarely intimate gathering of bloggers in the city.

Unlike most parties with plentiful people and distractions from which to choose, the entire room listened as each person spoke and shared their visions, products, and goals. After talking with some genuinely interesting women who write about sex appeal, the social lifestyle in NYC, and catering artistry, I passed my card to a woman interested in hearing me sing for her upcoming youtube projects and prepared to leave the party and head to my Bolt Bus out of town. After all, who could expect more networking possibilities in such a small crowd?

Enter Tom and Tom and their sack of balls; tennis, that is.

Tom Downs and Tom Balsewich, after filming their newest creation Copernicus Comes Around, decided to crash every possible Internet Week party to promote their film by handing out and strategically allowing these brand new balls to find their newest owner.  With strict instructions on each ball to “TOSS IT ON,” this acting and directing team use their film’s primary star as a brilliant marketing tool.  I refuse to ruin its premise (so go watch it right now and come back!), but the balls serve to represent the serendipitous events that even inanimate objects can originate.  Written for the 48 Hour Film Project, Copernicus Comes Around accomplishes in its themes and range what many films do not when given months to prepare.  This team really does have balls.

Exchanging my business card for one of their planned but symbolically impromptu tennis balls, I hope to see Tom and Tom again as fellow randomly adventurous artists and conceivably to collaborate in the future.  In the end, I felt blessed that fate led me via Internet Week’s website to the tiny party with talented, passionate people and even a fresh ball to sniff (If you haven’t yet clicked the link to see their film on youtube, I can’t help you).  You can attend a screening of their film and all  of the others which met the 48 hour deadline this week, on June 11, 12, and 13 at 6:15pm, 7:00pm, and 8:30pm at New York University’s Cantor Film Center.  Purchase tickets here and have a ball, both at the screening and afterwards at the Village Pourhouse, where your ticket will get you a drink on the house.

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  1. June 10, 2010 4:46 pm

    it was great meeting you as well. Thanks for the great write up. I look forward to working on some projects with you…

    • June 10, 2010 11:42 pm

      Thanks! I did toss along the ball today, in Phila., to a musician friend who promised to continue the chain.

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