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Puppet Love, Day 102

June 21, 2010

Truly, I love my friends; however, it takes a special breed of human being to inspire me to give up more than eight hours of my time to and from Brooklyn on my only full day off in a while. I underestimate the point when I say that Leat Klingman‘s genius alone converts me to the love of (her) puppets, regardless of her ferocious talent and caring friendship or my desire to learn. Still, yesterday tired me out at the end of a good but long week.


Wofly, from A Wolf I Say

Wofly, from A Wolf I Say, by Leat Klingman

Spending the day as a tree? Not as easy as one might suppose and certainly not as comfortable. Puppets definitely have more charm in the finished product than behind the scenes. On the other hand, without giving away any of her secrets or plot points for her most ambitious project by far, I can say that each new character surprises me by its beauty and artistry. I can’t wait to see the finished product at its debut in January at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn.

In the meantime, I had the chance today to contribute as a puppeteer (my debut!), along with a devoted, diverse, and talented creative team of puppeteers, a lighting designer, a film-maker, and Leat as the director herself. Nevermind the sweltering heat, close quarters, or uncomfortable physical positions required to achieve the correct angles – I had a blast. Thanks to Michael, Heather, Kim, Erin, and Nitzan for keeping the atmosphere light and providing some great company between shots. As always, I admire and applaud Nitzan and Shachar for working tirelessly to create worthwhile art and opening your home to the mess of such an involved project. Providing fantastic snacks and taking great care of us as always, Leat alternated between union manager and director while constantly collaborating with Shachar on their artistic vision.  By morning today, I had a sincere and lovely thank you note in my inbox from our brilliant yet gracious Leat.

At the end of it all yesterday evening, I wanted nothing more than sleep before this morning’s very early rehearsal at Avery Fisher Hall. After another rehearsal of Beethoven’s other worldly Missa Solemnis, I look forward to our upcoming concerts but simultaneously anticipate Saturday, when I rejoin with Leat to record a song as one of my main contributions to her film. Who needs a day off when one has such stellar friends and art to keep her going?

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