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Update to Circus Arts, Day 105

June 24, 2010

NY Circus Arts

As you may have read, I had a truly positive group learning experience with NY Circus Arts on Tuesday, despite inaccurate descriptions of the intro course which actually did not cover trapeze as advertised.  After sending a concerned email about the issue to Groupon and NY Circus Arts, I’d like to applaud both companies for their responses.  Clayton Margeson in Groupon’s support staff immediately replied, offering a credit for future Groupons or a refund, which I respectfully declined.  I love Groupon and use them often, and I never believed the error to have originated with them.  Still, I expressed my continuing concern that Groupon and NY Circus Arts find some way to remedy the situation so that future class participants don’t encounter the same obvious disappointment.

After several tweets and CC’s on the follow-up emails with Groupon, NY Circus Arts responded today.  Matthew Valenti, the general manager, and his small team of office staff were out of the office yesterday, and he replied kindly and clearly after receiving the emails today.  He apologized and explained that NY Circus Arts has recently updated many of their classes and that the course description simply “slipped through the cracks.”  Understandable, especially since they have a small staff and likely a large influx of students from the Groupon deal.  Although I sing upstate at the Bard Summerscapes until the second week of August, I look forward to returning to NYCA at that time to write about Mr. Valenti’s offer for a free Flying Trapeze class with Suzi Winson.

Ultimately, I had a fun and intriguing experience with New York Circus Arts – and I still would definitely recommend it.  I hope that New York Circus Arts and/or Groupon find a way to notify those who purchased the class of the error or modify the course itself until that  specific deal expires.  If I receive any further updates, I will certainly let you know.  Many thanks to both companies for your professionalism and courtesy, and I look forward to continuing to enjoy and support your services.


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