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Life after Whoring, Day 110

August 8, 2010

Der Ferne Klang, Photo by Cory Weaver

Despite an enormous love of photography, I sometimes leave my camera at home in order to more wholly bask in the beauty of a landscape or enjoy a party without the added distraction of posing, zoom levels, and composition.  Although I have so far embraced the luxury of having a camera on campus this summer at Bard Summerscape, I have neglected my passion for writing, reading (a sincere apology to anyone still waiting to read Ulysses with me), and even social networking.  Instead, I danced at the Spiegeltent after singing and sparkling in a chorus of prostitutes in the moving and well-received Der Ferne Klang, plummeting off cliffs in fresh water quarries, climbing waterfalls, contra dancing in the Catskills, visiting historical estates, celebrating a birthday with several fellow Leos, stargazing for early Perseids, attending concerts at Tanglewood, and meeting and thoroughly enjoying the dear friendships of colleagues with whom I had the rare and wonderful chance to perform and live.  In short, I hope you can forgive me for taking the time to set aside my reflections and immerse myself in the all-encompassing atmosphere of a glorious working and playing summer upstate.

Tomorrow, I return to the city for a first trapeze class, compliments of New York Circus Arts as a follow-up to the Intro to Circus Arts class from late June.  Tuesday promises the first two rehearsals in NYC to begin learning our program for the Bard Festival, during which I sing with the Bard Festival Chorale on two Berg-inspired concerts on August 21 and 22.  Shockingly, I have the opportunity to return to Bard on Wednesday and rest for a few days before rehearsals begin again on campus next week, and I intend to enjoy every moment of my now upstate vacation with the cast of The Chocolate Soldier operetta as they perform through next Sunday.  Posts and pictures, practice rooms, and answered emails and wall posts await my return, and I look forward to transitioning slowly back to a regular routine of jumping down rabbit holes to see where they lead.

Jumping from one adventure to the next, I will take up my good friend Sarah Giardina’s challenge to literally sky-dive on August 28.  Any friends seriously interested in joining me to jump in Long Island on the morning of the 28th should contact me preferably by Wednesday.  Expect to spend at least two hundred dollars, if I can find a company willing to give us a hearty discount.  Most tandem jumping experiences near the city require around two hundred to two hundred fifty, but if anyone has a lead on a reliable but less expensive company, please let me know!  Perhaps once I leap out of a plane, those auditors on the other side of the audition table will seem less of a challenge to overcome.  Crossing my fingers and looking forward to tomorrow.

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