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Schmidt, BMF, and the Kara Morgan Show, Episode V

August 19, 2010

After a wonderfully long day of rehearsals at the Bard Music Festival, I cannot imagine why I still have too much energy to sleep.  Beginning to finalize plans for next Saturday’s skydiving trip over Eastern Long Island, I could hardly rest my mind enough last night to solidly snooze and dream about anything but jumping out of a plane.  Today, I rehearsed with some amazing colleagues for this weekend’s concerts at Bard, including Kurt Weill’s Royal Palace, Hindemith’s Sancta Susanna, and the fantastic and at times unbelievably difficult Franz Schmidt’s Das Buch mit sieben Siegeln.

I consider myself incredibly blessed to sing amidst this group of excellent musicians of instrumentalists and vocalists on the whole.  In particular, all of the soprano soloists on both our Programs Ten and Twelve and especially the tenor Thomas Cooley as Johannes on Saturday night’s performance of the Schmidt piece (Program Ten) would make any trip to upstate New York worthwhile apart from the beautiful scenery and ripe peaches. Considering its rich and complicated musical expression and history, Das Buch mit sieben Siegeln may stand out as one of the most challenging and rewarding pieces I’ve performed in years, and I fervently recommend attending the pre-concert talk Saturday at 7pm to grasp the depth behind this controversial work.  Personally, the musical challenge has begun to rewire my brain toward becoming a better sight-reader, and I welcome the change.

On a far less serious note, I leave you to the fifth installment of the Kara Morgan Show.  Nothing could prepare my now tired mind for bed better than fun friends and their bear safety instructions.  You may need them this weekend on your hike through the Catskills before Saturday’s concert.

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