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Improv Everywhere Tonight in NYC

October 2, 2010

For more than a year now, I’ve followed Improv Everywhere and their fantastic antics online, wishing to get involved. Here’s a great example of one of my favorite recent skits in NYC, The Tourist Lane:

Other recent feats of brilliance include a Star Wars recreation on the subway and a hilarious tribute to Ghostbusters at the New York Public Library. TODAY, they have a new experiment that could use you. Yes, you. If you live in NYC, have time to be in midtown near 42nd Street at 6:00pm and a device that plays mp3s, consider joining them. Find all the instructions you need to participate here. Want to RSVP (optional)? Check out their Facebook event page. They may take pictures and video of you. You will likely interact with strangers and do something strange. Out of your comfort zone? Exactly.

Sadly, I admit that I may not attend. I have only today off in a whirlwind of days that began earlier this month and doesn’t end until I leave for Washington State in nine short days. Still, if I find myself magically downtown at 6:00pm with a roll of toilet paper and their mp3 file, I may yet participate (Did you read their instructions yet?). Perhaps I will see you there.


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