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Eliminating Expectations, Day 129

October 4, 2010

Sunday offered an exhausting but exhilarating day of singing at Park Avenue United Methodist and with composer Rima Fand for an upcoming recording project, riding my happy purple Cannondale along the way, from Washington Heights to the Upper East Side, over the Queensboro Bridge into Queens and over the Pulaski Bridge into Brooklyn, all the way down through the warehouses and Orthodox communities to Prospect Heights. Of course, we (my bike and I) took the subway home when the weather got a bit colder and threatened rain, and I don’t think my legs minded the rest in the least. It felt good to expend that much physical energy after a personally somewhat emotionally tiring and professionally busy week.

Chatting with my friend Thomas Allen tonight, I couldn’t begin to imagine how he must feel, having already traveled to North Carolina from New York City on his bicycle in just forty days. He described last week as rejuvenating after spending days in downpours that closed roads and changed his direction. I’ve learned so much from my friends who not only abandon excuses in their lives but expectations as well. Kudos tonight to those like Thomas who can abandon their assumptions in life for a moment or a lifetime…


Props to my friends Charlene and Hermann who managed to make it out to Improv Everywhere’s mp3 experiment on Saturday, where presumptions never prevail. Perhaps I can join you on the next one!

Finally, another round of applause for Kara Morgan. Comedy takes a special breed of people who can jump into their imaginations beyond traditionally held assumptions. I’ve shared The Kara Morgan Show here before, but this clip rose to the top of my list immediately… of course, don’t let me setup any expectations for you. See for yourself.

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