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High Fives and Slow Dancing

October 13, 2010

No time to blog? We’ll see about that. True, I have only only sixteen hours to go (ah the magic of WordPress, letting me write in the evening to publish while I sleep in the morning) before I have to leave for my final voice lesson and my trip out of town to rehearse and perform in the Columbia Valley in Washington until December. Also true? I haven’t packed yet! Possibly, I’ve done this sort of thing before, but don’t tell anyone. I like people to think I’ve got it all perfectly planned and put together, but really I’m just a procrastinist… or perfectionator. You get the point.

Anyway, I do have to run, but I have a couple of quick ways to share fantastically fun and triumphantly comic moments of my friends over the next two days. Today, I again congratulate my friends Hermann and Charlene for boldly going where I still jealously have yet to go: Improv Everywhere. On October 2, Improv Everywhere encouraged hundreds of people to converge on Times Square and Bryant Park for an mp3 experiment which culminated in a Bryant Park full of dancing, toilet-papered mummies. Of course, I enjoyed the voice of Patrick Stewart on the now freshly posted video, the high fives, and the slow dancing with retail items the most. Hopefully when I come back to town this winter, we can find another fun Improv Everywhere project to do together. In the meantime, let’s live vicariously through our friends and these bold and beautiful strangers (look for the slow dancer with his tongue hanging out!), shall we?

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