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Kara Morgan vs. Justin Bieber

October 14, 2010

Somewhere along the way while packing, traveling, and receiving the stamp of approval for my voicing of Nellie from my Arkansas-native voice teacher and his wife, I seem to have lost my ability to think. Leaving in the morning for Tri-Cities, WA to spend the next seven weeks rehearsing and performing with some great people, I admit I have little to contribute except to say that I LOVE NYC and will see it and my incredible friends very soon in December. As you read, I fly overhead, Delta-willing. In the meantime for today, I bring you my dear friend Kara Morgan, for whom despite my fatigue I can easily think of five of the best reasons to watch The Kara Morgan Show.


  1. If you don’t, she may try throwing her spikey yoga ball from the intro at you. She looks like she could do some damage with that thing.
  2. Her newest episode features the Justin Bieber Show (though I doubt she meant this one)
  3. Girl knows how to get her Nutella on.
  4. 1-800-KARA-MORGAN will actually connect you with TransTracheal Systems, and who doesn’t need more oxygen?

Without furthier delay, The Kara Morgan Show: Episode VII

So Kara, what do I get for posting all of your episodes?

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