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Falling for Life, Day 137

October 30, 2010

For a short while upon my arrival in south-central Washington State, I missed the pace and lifestyle of New York and, while happy with the friends and work here, felt a bit out of my element. Since then, I’ve really come to value my homestay as a home and truly look forward to the times I can see everyone at rehearsals and out at the bar or comedy club to play. Last week, my friends Justin, Robbie, and John and I went wine tasting before checking out Robbie’s YB Stag improv comedy group. If you’ve never been to the Tri-Cities region, they have some incredible wines and beautiful vineyards.

Terra Blanca Vineyard

Terra Blanca

With our friend Justin well established in the community, we had the fortune of enjoying any wines on the tasting menu at Terra Blanca, a beautiful winery with an amazing and varied selection of wines. Thankfully, we didn’t need to drink too much to enjoy a fun night at Jokers, since Robbie’s improv group performed so well they almost took my mind off of the Yankees losing their final game of the season that night to the Rangers. Regardless, I did find a several wines to love and chose a bottle of their Botrytized Chenin Blanc to accompany me to Seattle this weekend to visit my dear friend Carissa and her family from New York.

Although I have to run so I can spend some time with some folks I love from home, I can happily report that my life in Tri-Cities feels happy and full, and I’ll return there happily to begin again on Monday. In the meantime, I’ve had some wonderful travel, last weekend to Portland, Oregon and this weekend to Woodinville, Washington, just outside of Seattle. Between these two cities, I’m beginning to discover that into every life not only rain but also travel must fall.

Driving to Seattle

Driving to Seattle

I had forgotten my love of landscape photography until finding myself unable to drive without stopping with my camera. I had forgotten how different personalities can reset my understanding of myself. Apparently, I just had to remember that excuses mean nothing and living life means everything. Have a great weekend, and a Happy Halloween – I’m off to Seattle for some more photo ops and fun.

Driving to Portland

Driving to Portland

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  1. AimeeKay permalink
    October 31, 2010 2:05 am

    The pictures are beautiful!

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