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Leaving the Whining to the NYC Heat Pipes, Day 144

December 7, 2010

Big heavy suitcase equals insansely high overage charge from Delta. $90? Oh yeah. Two planes, two car rides, a bus trip, and a taxi… All before going to work. Less than adequate sleep, only a few minutes really spent with Mom and Dad before having to return to rehearse for a gig with a conductor who, because he’s never met me, clearly doesn’t yet trust me either. Oh, and Tri-Cities “high desert” friends? You’re right. A few degrees warmer here does feel colder.

My real challenge today? To stop complaining and whining like my New York City heater, inside and out, right now. Hey, I can see some blue sky and sunshine already after almost three weeks of grey skies. As much as I’ll miss my new friends back west, I’ve missed some seriously beloved folks here too, many of which I’ll see in just a few hours, in rehearsals today and tomorrow, and around my favorite neighborhood home.

So, at least for the next five minutes, I take a page from a song I used to listen to in my far more conservative days that still holds true.

I can reminisce about the already.
I can worry and fret about the not yet.
When it all comes down, you know it really, really all comes down to the right now,
So right now I’m living the next 5 minutes
Like these are my last 5 minutes
‘Cause I know the next 5 minutes may be all I have.
And after the next 5 minutes
Turn into the last 5 minutes,
I’m taking the next 5 minutes and starting all over again.

Oh, and before you judge the song, I find complexity most often lies in the simplest of messages (not to mention it employs 7/8 time). Off to find the beauty in today, in the cold, heavy bags and all.

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  1. Earl permalink
    December 9, 2010 1:10 am

    We miss you, Abby. Hurry back.

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