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Hedge Funds Care ~ 178

March 4, 2011

Recommended by some great friends in social media, I have recently begun to work for a company called Working with corporations, ibidmobile provides the service of wireless auctions on ipads for charity events. If your company threw a party to benefit their favorite charity, you might attend and bid, via silent auction, on an ipad instead of a piece of paper. As an ipad valet, I can show you the available items for auction, show you the current bidding prices for each item, and help you place a single or multiple bid, allowing you to place your maximum price and watch it rise incrementally against other competitive bidders.

It sounds easy, but I definitely earned every penny made on my feet tonight at my first shift at Cipriani. Hedge Funds Care, an organization dedicated to preventing and treating child abuse, hosted this evening’s event with some really incredible items up for auction in the beautiful space and venue at the 42nd Street Cipriani. Unlimited glasses of spirits, plates overflowing with the highest quality cuisine, cater waiters, ipad valets, coat check valets, registration workers, board members, and guests galore peppered the expansive room.

As with any event involving strangers, co-workers, and dates, the space filled with so many people, many of whom (definitely not all!) wanted to sell something: their photography or videography service, lighting effects, the catering company, single men, women on dates, workers trying to get ahead, etc. Despite not making any commission on bids, I personally felt the odd urge to compete, push, and sell from the very beginning of the night. Ultimately realizing that I do far better as the available person with a good smile and a helping attitude, I eventually relaxed into the only sales role in which I succeed and survive, mentally-speaking. Thankfully, my attitude served me well, and I had a great time, worked hard, and met some really lovely people along the way while helping a great cause.

My favorite lessons learned at tonight’s 13th Annual Hedge Funds Care event at Cipriani:

  • Todd Weiner, the founder of ibidmobile, really cares about the charities and has so much to give as a person and efficient manager/owner of the company. Listening to him help one of my clients with a question about a specific bid, he reminded me how the purpose always returns to helping the charity.
  • Listening to other valets work with bidders, I realized how much I have to learn from not only Todd but all of the staff, old and new.
  • Fearlessness and gracious persistence always win… in auctions and in sales (not that I need to compete within the company).
  • Sales techniques truly carry over to successful networking. Needing to promote myself regularly as a performer in person, not just online, working in a scenario like this can really help teach me vital skills to advance my career, if I pay attention.
  • When the winner of a golf package advances from asking if I golf to inviting me to learn how to hit balls with him one night, he’s probably no longer discussing golf. Bad pickup lines amuse me at the end of a tiring first night on the job.

Congratulations to Hedge Funds Care, who seemed to have a truly wonderful time raising a very large sum of money tonight, all to help prevent child abuse and treat children of abuse. Of all of the participants who won tonight, those children who will benefit from your generosity took the true prize.


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