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Wow, Wow

July 24, 2011

Blurry photos with mirrors? Sorry friends, but as you may have noticed, despite my own occasional excursions into the land of nude performance, actual nudity does not make appearances here at Skydiving for Pearls. If you look closely though (or catch one of their worldwide live shows), you might see the figures of the Wau Wau Sisters, hanging topless from their individual trapezes.

Tonight, I had the rare opportunity to witness this admittedly strange cabaret act involving insanely challenging feats of physical strength, hilarious audience participation, multimedia, and outlandish costumes. By the end of the show at the famous Spiegeltent, these two hilarious and sinewy-strong women performed attached together in various unbelievable positions on one single static trapeze, until they finally flipped together around the swing in a mesmerizing flurry of acrobatics. Wow, Wow.

Curious, comedic, crazy? Perhaps. Controversial, for certain. Without a doubt, the word that came to my mind was courageous. These at times completely bare, often thoroughly ridiculous women, had me applauding on my feet with tears in my eyes by the end of their performance not because of their comedy but rather their fearless and unstoppable selves.

Thank you, Nik Quaife, for having a wait list for this understandably sold out performance, and to the Wau Wau Sisters, for turning a mirror toward my better self and reminding me of the stunning nature of living life fearlessly. May we all be so shameless and strong.

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  1. nutanz permalink
    July 24, 2011 2:51 pm

    Hi Abigail,
    Do the Wau Wau perform their act topless or nude? Seems very liberating and challenging.

    • August 16, 2011 6:43 pm

      Hi Nutanz, they were topless, but really the rest of their show impressed me more than their physical inhibition. They really had so much lighthearted fun and really encouraged everyone in the audience to be unabashedly themselves and have fun. That to me was their most celebrated vulnerability.

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