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It’s the Kara Morgan Show!

August 29, 2011

Habits, both positive and unhealthy… I undoubtedly nurture many of them in life. I eat oatmeal and pasta just about every day. When not restricted by the demands of an egg donation cycle, I exercise for more than an hour on most days. I cultivate a strange proclivity for growing plants from random cuttings of other beautiful vines and creepers. Living without the routine advice and influence from inspiring teachers like Eckhart Tolle and Dallas Travers sounds  preposterous! I fight my television and Internet addictions regularly, and thanks to the influence of my good friend Elliot Ronen, I wake up to the LED white glow of my smart phone each morning.

Obviously, I can’t deny my addiction to The Kara Morgan Show, or just Kara Morgan in general, and she thrives on my radar as both my friend and one of my subscriptions on youtube (I also heart Dean Leysen). Today I woke, as always, to my Evo and email. Cleaning up my inbox, I spotted an email reminder from last night that Kara Morgan and I would have a tea date over the phone this afternoon! I cannot wait to share with her the new goals I’ve created with the help of Dallas Travers and hear all about her new mindset after her first trip to Hollywood. As two opera singers well-trained in acting at the same opera studio, we have so much in common and so much to share about our recent desires to branch out and fearlessly embrace our dreams.

How happily I opened the next email, my youtube subscription update, to find a new Kara Morgan Show episode! I love it when my favorite habits collide. After watching it, I feel so excited to talk with her about the next steps in our paths, over my favorite tea. I hope you enjoy the next episode presented in classic Kara Morgan style.

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