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Roller Coasters in Manhattan

September 13, 2011

Photo by Michael Contreras

On some memorable mornings, I can’t help but flashback to boarding a roller coaster at Great Adventure, as I sit down on the subway to hear the announcer warn of the impending closing doors. So began this morning, promptly on the 6:54am A train (thank you, Google Maps), on my way to midtown east for what replaced my only day off this week. Three weeks or three days from now, I may regret sacrificing that time, but when a financially struggling artist gets a call for a two-hundred dollar day in a focus group, she says yes.

Confidentiality notwithstanding, I believe I can say that I feel the urge to shower to remove some of the corporate sludge in which I bathed today. Thankfully, as I ride the subway home, I can write, detox a little, and prepare my mindset for a very exciting week ahead. Headshots, a new study course in marketing, and regular check-ins with my accountability partner, Amy, all await my attention at home, as I continue to reinvent my career to include film and commercials this year.

After the Mahler and the general air surrounding September 11, I felt sick and a little overwhelmed yesterday. Surely I had bit off more than I could chew again, recovering from the hormone treatments and surgery, gigging, taking odd jobs, setting up photo shoots in three states, gearing up for a new class, and trying to remember to do my taxes before that extension deadline! Well, perhaps I have.

Still, I trim my priorities here and there. I missed our skydiving trip; our friends went again on the day of our Mahler rehearsal and performance, in less than the required time I needed to rest from surgery. While I love them and rejoice over their successful and fun dives, the Mahler served as enough of a thrill ride for this moment already packed with preparations and promise. Yesterday, I missed an informational meeting for Sing for Hope, a great organization that used the arts to heal… Having recently joined the roster for Opera Collective, another non-profit arts organization, I just can’t fathom how I would responsibly add it to my overflowing plate.

If I can cut out the tv, add in a little regular meditation and exercise, stick to a regular bedtime, and find a way to go out and have fun once a week, I may just make it through to the other side alive, well fed from all this overflowing activity, and ready for the exciting transition to come. Tonight, I have my first online session with Dallas Travers for her Actor’s Business Breakthrough class. Without giving away all of her hard-learned secrets, I hope to write here about my journey there. Suspecting much of the work will make me rather uncomfortable and challenge some of the fears that have kept me so long from pursuing my acting goals, this eight week voyage will fit in well on Skydiving for Pearls, without a doubt.

Tonight? 7pm call with Amy, to show her my new goals and hear her progress on her newest song for the audition book. I can’t begin to say how much she’s helpedme to stay motivated already! 8pm, my first group call for Dallas’ class! Tomorrow, a photo shoot in CT, tango with the Oscuro Quintet. Thursday, another photo shoot under the Manhattan Bridge… Now if only I can eat and sleep, this week starts a roller coaster I may want to stay on for a while. Wish me luck.

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