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The Dance with Our Dreams

September 16, 2011

As I ride the train from my second photo shoot this week, my mind rests on the necessity of fighting for our dreams and the people we love. Last night, I had the supreme joy of seeing my dear friends Shinjoo Cho and Alban Bailly perform with their tango group, the Oscuro Quintet. How happily I watched them make their New York performance debut at Drom Bar, pondering the beauty of Shin’s phrasing on the accordion.

Dancing throughout, talented and passionate men and women swept me up in the unspeakable beauty of Milonga, an Argentinian style of tango that involves more upbeat music and close positions with one’s partner. So many in the room had spent years learning and enjoying their passions, from Spanish dance to piano, guitar, and accordion playing. Shin, once a timidly strong girl entering college as a pianist when we first met, now appears to me transformed into the passionate, talented, and beautiful woman she likely never quite imagined.

Setting out for my photo shoot this morning in my pencil skirt and power-red button down shirt, hair curled, makeup primped, I felt a strange power not entirely unknown but rarely acknowledged in myself. Having made my dreams known to myself and to the universe, I made room in my schedule and found three photographers to aid me in the first tangible step toward taking my acting career to the next level. Sam Henriques, a brilliantly talented cinematographer, met me to the Manhattan Bridge today for a local shoot and even found a movie set for a few shots. Previewing a few shots on his camera lit a fire I hadn’t anticipated in this soul that has wanted such a career despite fearing it for so long. In The Tao of Show Business, Dallas Travers insists, “Don’t shy away from painting an extraordinary picture of what you truly want your life and your career to look like… the worst thing that will happen is that you’ll get close.” Taking even the smallest step today toward that goal gave me the slightest and sweetest taste of the joy and empowerment from doing my ideal job, and I intend to make sure I keep living my dream everyday.

When I met Shinjoo Cho so many years ago, we both lived much smaller lives and took far fewer risks. Now, Shin dances a smooth tango and plays a fantastically mean accordion. Her husband, Alban, moved across the ocean to start a new life for himself and create one with Shin. These gorgeous friends of mine didn’t find their inspiration in fear but in spite of it. With their inspiration, I hope to wake again tomorrow, ready for the exciting dance of life that awaits us when we fight with it, not against it.

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