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Lucy the Pumpkin

October 31, 2011

Oh Halloween, how you amuse me! In sixth grade, I dressed as Freddy Krueger, mask, nails and all. Other memorable costumes include a witch, a pregnant nun, a Fila and hoop-earring-wearing Jersey Shore type (before the show ever aired), and an Afghan (yes, with a blanket over my head).

This year, dressed as the green fairy herself, I head down to see a filming of the Conan O’Brien Show with my friend Gal Natel and hopefully catch the end of a Halloween party to which I’ve been looking forward all year. On the way, a pirate serenaded me with my favorite sea chanty, “What do you do with a drunken sailor,” of course reminding me of my sailboat-loving father who sometimes sings it on his boat.

It must be a Dad kind of Halloween, because I remembered him earlier today while cutting up the pumpkin for my infamous pumpkin banana bread. Pumpkins are a pain! As much as they create a challenge for anyone trying to carve them, my family went to pick out a great pumpkin each year for my father to painstakingly turn into a whimsical jack-o-lantern. Just like our Christmas trees, I had to give our hand-picked pumpkin a name.

“Mommy, Lucy’s in the middle of the road!” I cried one morning, saddened to see trucks driving precariously past our giant pumpkin, Lucy, who someone had cruelly placed on top of the yellow lines on Main Street where we lived. I don’t know if I thought Lucy had walked out there on her own, but I remember feeling terrified! He must have heard my cry first, because Dad swiftly rescued Lucy like a beloved family pet, to the joyous smile of his young and admittedly overly sensitive daughter.

I’ll never forget the day my Dad rescued Lucy or the way he used to make me laugh, smile, and sometimes roll my eyes with his renditions of songs by The Beatles, Billy Joel, and random folk tunes and sea chanties. Indeed, I consider myself incredibly fortunate that he still does. My Mom doesn’t take me out trick-or-treating, but she still warns me about excess and will tape The Conan Show tonight to see if she can spot my green wig. I’m a lucky girl to have two loving parents this Halloween. Mom and Dad, thank you, and please feel free to stick around for many costumed years to come.

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  1. Earl permalink
    November 1, 2011 10:21 pm

    What a very beautiful story. LOVE it !!!

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