Lessons of Leadership, Starting the Intermediate Run (#246)

With my dear friend, leadership coach Edwin Vega, who has supported me so far every step of the journey. Our glow after an amazing 3-day intensive.

Where do I even start? Last month, I began my training in life coaching with the Coaches Training Institute. I will go through the entire, intensive certification course – as part of my journey to coaching others, writing a book that’s been burning inside me, doing some public speaking, and learning to inhabit the leader that’s been somewhat dormant inside of me.

What can I say? Whew! What a course. Now, coming out of my first of the intermediate-level three-day intensives, I feel energized like a teenager and more open and present than ever. Hanging out with twenty-five to thirty other engaged, intelligent, compassionate people learning to use their intuition, fully listen, and dance in the moment kind of has that effect.

My big takeaways this time, in addition to my personal growth and to learning and sharpening my already wonderful skills as a coach:
1. Life purpose matters and is a birthright. Identifying and owning it makes life more full. Ask me mine, and I’ll tell you.
2. We all have voices that try to sabotage us.
3.We also have voices that lead us and voices that know how to appreciate the beauty in everything (the full picture). We get to decide how to listen and whose volume to adjust when.

An incredibly heartfelt thanks to all the participants, instructors, and volunteers. You have left me whole today. So much more to come. In the meantime, happy holidays. Love, joy, and peace to you all, these present days and the many to come.

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