Kara Morgan Really Likes Four

Wolfy's Journey
Photo by Moviehouse

On the night of Wolfy and Leat’s premiere of Wolfy’s Journey, I sat and heard the tale of how Leat had begun her journey as a puppeteer and film-maker partly at 3rd Ward Moviehouse, providing themed material for one of their anniversary shows. Doubtless their encouragement of her art helped to contribute to her confidence and the brilliant film which followed, soon to be released on DVD. The moment I heard about this and Moviehouse’s recent plea to artists to submit specific shorts for their fourth anniversary, I immediately thought, “Kara Morgan.”

After a short explanatory email and a link, my dear friend pounced on the opportunity like a short-haired vixen and poof! created a brilliant episode of the Kara Morgan Show to fit perfectly into their theme. Their requirements? They requested “2-minute propaganda films relating to two pairs, four bases, four directions, four suits of cards, or the four horsemen.” Kara provided all of them, quite brilliantly. My only question? What’s her second favorite number? I smell a sequel.

Kara’s Big Change

Kara Morgan


Last week, a friend of mine here in Tri-Cities, WA asked me, “Who is Kara Morgan, anyway?” Oh, that made me happy! I love this woman, and I can’t possibly stop featuring The Kara Morgan Show webseries. As long as I can promote her anywhere and everywhere I go, I will. Still, inspired by my intrigued friend’s question, I hope to post a thorough interview or entry by Kara soon. In the meantime, take a moment to sit back and witness her as she makes one of the boldest sacrifices known to womankind.


The Kara Morgan Show, Day 85

Today and tomorrow, I have the extreme pleasure of showing a dear and talented friend of mine around town.  We hit so many of the places that make me happy today, and she seemed to have a great time.  At this very moment, she attempts to submit her Kara Morgan Show as a video podcast on iTunes, and I wholeheartedly admire her humor and her complete lack of self-conscious inhibitions.  Taking some pages from Joan Cusack and Will Farrell, Kara has begun to find (in their earliest stages) ways to introduce her brand of carefree humor to the world, and I for one am a fan.  Tonight, as I entertain my friend, I hope she entertains you in turn.

The Kara Morgan Show, Episode 1

The Kara Morgan Show, Episode 2